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Our research ensures that BIG IDEAS inspire meaningful innovation.

We have a new perspective and understanding on what truly drives them.

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WHO are we selling to? WHAT do they want? WHY do they want it? HOW do they want it delivered?
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We connect desired emotions to sensory cues.
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We  discover, validate, test and track ideal experiences.

When you need ideas.

Build a solid foundation for effective, efficient targeting

LextantWHO is a user-type segmentation that is based on understanding aspirations, motivations, attitudes and behaviors around a category. It identifies the fundamental similarities & differences between groups of people to facilitate focused planning, strategy, and development.

Understand why people do what they do.

Retrospective Ethnography is a research approach that uncovers the “why” behind people’s behavior by identifying what people say and how they feel about the definitive moments they have with a product, service or environment.

Understand the desired customer experience [DCE].

Connect.Dream.Create is a research approach that gets at what really matters to people. It is a process that allows people to imagine an ideal future and link your brand promise to design attributes.

Demand research that actually makes an impact.

Insight Translation™ is a process that transforms complex data into clear and succinct stories that can inspire an entire organization. Insight Translation™ focuses on the insights that matter and communicates them in an engaging, thoughtful way.

Move your team in the right direction.

An Opportunity Workshop is a structured process that identifies viable design opportunities by matching the organizations capabilities to what their customers want. Where simple brainstorming falls short, an Opportunity Workshop generates a road map of opportunities, aligning development teams around the best path forward.

Learn how to have crucial conversations with your customer.

For companies who want to grow their ability to understand their customer, LextantU provides hands-on training in the fundamentals of experience -centered research and design.


When you have ideas.


Envision what to design and how to build it.

When you start with a solid understanding of the user experience, even the most complex system can be easy to use. HXD leverages scientific principles to ensure the best possible impact on people. Great ideas take full advantage of how people process information, how emotions effect behavior, and how technology can improve experience.

Deliver the right interaction with your customer every time.

Describes the use models and interactions that define the ideal experience as well as visual patterns and attributes that give form to the design. While many products are complex — they can be made easy to use with a design focused on customers’ goals.

Design for the way people want to feel, think and act.

A detailed model that visualizes the architecture and intended look and feel of the interface design based on the structure and flow of the customer’s cognitive processes. It describes how to organize and visualize the interface design in a way that seduces and engages them.


Delight your customer with engaging interactions.

Evaluating performance through reaction times, errors, and completion rates is only the start. Our process goes beyond simple usability, giving you knowledge about how your system emotionally resonates with users so you can provide a truly delightful experience.

Focus development teams in the right direction

Idea Resonance is a research method that uses a brief exercise to help people quickly imagine their ideal experience. When your concepts are compared to their ideal, meaningful opportunities for refinement become clear and actionable.

Measure what people really care about.

For companies that want to predict market outcomes, benchmark against the competition, and measure improvement over time, Experience Metrics is a method of quantifying Ideal Experience attributes. Unlike satisfaction surveys that don’t explain the why behind the findings, Experience Metrics show you how you are performing against meaningful criteria.

Transformative Insights
Breakthrough Ideas
Designed Experiences
Experience Metrics

Think of it as FUEL.
Founded in 1998, Lextant has been working with the world’s leading companies to bring meaningful products and services to market.


JOIN OUR TEAM. At Lextant, you will learn from some of the best in the industry. You’ll have opportunities to conduct design research all over the world and shape design for market leading companies. With competitive compensation and inspirational work, Lextant offers a chance for you to contribute, grow, innovate, and thrive in an exciting, creative environment.

We're currently looking for User Researchers and Visual Interaction Designers

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Experience Matters.

For the past 15 years we have been working with the world’s leading brands to create meaning in their customers lives. We employ a wide range of experts in the social sciences as well as design to ensure that we effectively communicate with every stakeholder in your organization.

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580 North 4th Street
Suite 610
Columbus, Ohio 43215

What is there to do in Columbus?

Hello Columbus!


Rigsby's | 698 N. High St. | 614-461-7888
Rigsby’s is an upscale restaurant that serves simple, authentic, and innovative contemporary Italian food utilizing local ingredients. 
The Pearl | 698 N. High St. | 614-461-7888
This comfortable tavern features exposed brick, original wood floors, and over-sized iron beams. The menu is chef-driven with a focus on locally-sourced, organic, made-from-scratch, comfort food. You don’t want to miss their fresh, buttery oysters.
Tip Top Kitchen & Cocktails | 73 E Gay St | 614-221-8300
A downtown neighborhood bar featuring stomach-pleasing, heartwarming Ohio Comfort Food. Try their crispy sweet potato fries and delectable homemade pie. 
Tasi Café | 680 N Pearl St | 614-222-0788
Tasi is a friendly, casual cafe that  that offers freshly prepared meals for dining-in or taking home. Stop there for a tasty breakfast and start your day right.
Northstar Café | 951 N High St | 614-298-9999
Every item on Northstar’s seasonal menu is delicious, wholesome, and made from local, organic, artisan ingredients.  They’re even gluten-free, vegetarian, and vegan-friendly.  Stop in and stay a while; they have a huge selection of the most current design and lifestyle periodicals. 
North Market | 59 Spruce St | 614-463-9664
This year-round covered market is home to 3 dozen local purveyors serving everything from artisan bread to Vietnamese cuisine. 
Jeni’s Ice Creams | 714 N High St | 614-294-5364
Ice cream made from 100% grass-fed, organic Ohio milk that is available in a variety of creative, gourmet flavors like salted caramel, black currant yogurt, and Thai chili. Jeni’s is a Columbus must. Don’t leave without a taste.


Eleven | 591 N High St | 614-225-9611
Eleven is an upscale lounge with a classic selection of drinks and small plates. It’s a year-round favorite because of its cozy fireplaces and soft lounge seating in the winter and lovely outdoor seating area in the summer—great for people watching. 
Mouton | 954 N High St | 614-732-4660
A former art gallery, Mouton has a classy and eclectic atmosphere. The bartenders specialize in clean-tasting classic cocktails crafted with near scientific precision (as well as high-end whiskeys and wine).
Barrel 44 | 1120 N High St |  614-294-2277
A casual and fun bar, Barrel 44 offers over 100 different whiskeys—bourbon, scotch, rye, Irish and Canadian options.  Go ahead and quiz the staff; they’re very knowledgeable and friendly. Barrel 44 is sure to have your favorite spirit, and maybe even something new to try. 
Seventh Son Brewery | 1101 N 4th St | 614-421-2337
Seventh Son opened in April 2013 and is housed in a boomerang-shaped, 5500 square foot building that had been an auto garage up until the early 20th century. Go there for bold and distinctive beers like their Prime Swarm Saison, Oubliette Imperial Stout, or Hibiscus #2.
Surly Girl Saloon | 1126 N High St | 614-294-4900
Say howdy to Surly Girl, a pirate/western saloon with dark décor, sassy menu descriptions, and a wide range of drinks.  They have 24 beers on draught (from premium craftbeer to PBR) and a vast selection of whiskey, quality wines, and unique cocktails. 
16-Bit Bar+Arcade | 254 S 4th St | 614-222-1616
This “barcade” is where classic ‘80s video games and a variety of libations collide. Go there to chill out and play old favorites like Galaga, Mortal Kombat, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. No quarters needed; all the games are free.


Rowe | 718 N High St | 614-299-7693
This chic boutique is a fashionista’s dream. Chalk full of styles that are contemporary and on trend, Rowe is well ahead of the curve when compared to even the most upscale shopping mall. Look for cutting-edge brands like  DVF, Halston Heritage, Black Halo, and Foley & Corinna.
Milk Bar | 765A N High St | 614-754-8802
Street wear-inspired brands like MM6 and A.P.C. are just a few examples of the low-key, cool labels sold at Milk Bar. This laid-back, utilitarian boutique is owned by a gang of guys who favor an unfussy aesthetic. So go here to stock up on the basics, like soft cotton T-shirts and fit-like-a-glove jeans.
Tigertree | 787 N High St | 614-299-2660
Josh and Niki Quinn only intended to spend six months in Columbus on their way from L.A. to the East Coast. But after falling in love with the city, they decided to stay and open Tigertree. Their store carries established men and women’s clothing brands, up-and-coming lines, and an interesting mix of gifts and accessories.
Homage | 17 Brickel St | 614-221-5693
Homage specializes in nostalgia-inducing apparel like T-shirts that already feel like old favorites and sweatshirts highlighting some of the more obscure moments in the history of sports, politics, and pop culture. Shop around, enjoy a free bottle of coke, and talk sports with the staff. Their stuff is great quality and made in the USA.
Flower Child | 989 N High St | 614-297-8006
Walking into Flower child is like stepping into a time machine. This vintage shop is two levels of lovely retro furniture, well-preserved housewares, time-period-specific clothing, and other charming collectibles. Prepare to be reminded of an almost-forgotten family photo or a classic movie from your childhood.


Renaissance | 50 N 3rd St | 614-228-5050
Relax in your hotel room, complete with upscale amenities and contemporary décor. Enjoy picture-perfect views of downtown or head up to the rooftop terrace to unwind.
Hilton | 401 N High St | 614-384-8600
A contemporary presence, this hotel reflects the spirit and energy of the area. Don’t miss the stunning art collection comprised of over 150 original pieces by Central Ohio artists displayed throughout the hotel. Or visit the atrium level featuring a 15,000 square foot skylight, where you’ll find dining and fitness options.
Hampton Inn & Suites | 501 N High St | 614-559-2000
This historic hotel’s exterior features original bricks from the warehouse that once stood in its place. Unwind in the second-floor lobby where you’ll start your day with a hot breakfast and piping hot coffee. Enjoy a refreshing swim in the indoor pool or a relaxing soak in the whirlpool after a workout at the fitness center.