Defining the Ideal Multivitamin Experience

Lextant's insights led to the development of Centrum Vitamints, a product that recently extended to three flavors.

Lextant used customer segmentation predefined in earlier research and determined the ideal experience surrounding multivitamins for each segment in the United States and China.  Lextant used stimulus-based research to gather data and allow the segments to communicate their desires.

Uncover the Truth

We identified the desired consumer experience employing generative, co-creative techniques with the two consumer segments using multi-sensory stimuli in the United States and China.

Clarify the Path Forward

Lextant identified six desired attributes for nutritional supplements and outlined how these attributes would be best communicated to the consumer.

Get the Results

Centrum Vitamints, the product that resulted from our research, is performing so well in the market that Pfizer launched two new flavors.