Getting Ready For the Day

Lextant's design criteria inspired Kohler's Tailored Vanity Collection.

Kohler asked Lextant to understand the grooming and self-care process surrounding the sink and vanity area. ¬†Lextant’s goal was to understand people’s expectations of the environment in terms of function, performance, and emotional experience.

Uncover the Truth

Lextant defined grooming, styling, and personal care for Kohler's target customer by performing in depth home interviews. We then related these definitions to people's overall feeling of well-being to help define the ideal personal care experience.

Clarify the Path Forward

Lextant's insights lead to eight big ideas and considerations to help shape subsequent products in terms of luxury. These ideas and considerations ranged from the desired emotional experience, an in depth look into the grooming process, to barriers to the ideal experience.

Get the Results

The ideas and considerations Lextant developed inspired the Tailored Vanity Collection, in which no detail is overlooked to create a truly ideal grooming and personal care experience.