Evaluating the Buy Online Pick Up in Store Experience

Lextant's insights led to an improvement in the online experience, and less confusion for BOPIS customers.

Dick’s asked Lextant to understand and evaluate the BOPIS experience. By using¬†Retrospective Ethnography, Lextant was able to take participants through in-depth interviews that identified key opportunities to improve the BOPIS experience.

Uncover the Truth

Lextant used Retrospective Ethnography to evaluate the current BOPIS experience. Participants then took part in in-depth interviews to help Lextant identify key opportunities to improve the BOPIS experience.

Clarify the Path Forward

Lextant determined three key moments that Dick's could target to maximize the effectiveness of their BOPIS system.

Get the Results

Lexant's insights were able to help Dick's identify and address issues with the online platform and internal process.