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Why should you care?

The Millennial Generation is the most researched generation to date, and a lot of people have voiced strong opinions about the behaviors, values, and motivations of this up-and-coming powerhouse in our society. What would happen if research were done to look at this generation through their own eyes? Through this subtle shift in perspective, the generation that is often characterized as entitled and tech-obsessed can be seen instead as focused on personal growth and maintaining meaningful relationships. This project seeks to shed a different light on the Millennial Generation that presents them in their own words, allowing anyone and everyone to embrace them with hopeful optimism. 

Here you will find a snapshot of the findings that are included in a full report on what truly drives the Millennial Generation. The full report will reveal details behind eleven core insights as well as share potential implications for the future and the inside scoop on the research process. If you are interested in the full report, please contact us; we would be happy to start a conversation with you!

They want to feel extraordinary.

No matter what Millennials do in life, they want to stand out, and be known and admired. When people listen to them, look up to them, and show appreciation for their contributions, they feel respected, like others care about what they have to say. This is at the core of every experience they have whether they are living, loving, or doing.

There are seven key values that support living, loving, and doing: Enjoyment, Independence, Discovery, Meaningful Relationships, Giving to Others, Involvement, and Accomplishment. In order to achieve these values, Millennials must have four enablers: Money, Health, Time, and Technology. Details for the Values and Enablers can be found in the full report.

They want to live, love, and do.


Living is about embracing new experiences, discovering new adventures, and having fun as often as possible. They want to experience everything life has to offer first-hand, gaining knowledge and experience to truly develop their own, authentic perspective.


Millennials make time for others - to socialize, build relationships, and make a difference in their community. They want to know that whatever they are doing, it will have a positive impact. To Millennials, life experiences aren't worth very much if they aren't shared with others.


Millennials strive to excel in everything they do, and they want to know that their hard work will have a significant impact. They set goals, take action, make connections, and want their voices to be heard. Ultimately, they want to be the person that everyone looks to for guidance, leadership, and expertise.

There are 4 basic needs that enable living, loving, and doing: money, health, time, and technology.


Millennials don't want to worry about having enough money. They don't need to be rich; they just want to make sure that they have enough to secure their financial future and still do all the things they love to do today.


Millennials know that they need to take care of themselves and live generally healthy lifestyles, so they make a conscious effort to care for both their physical and mental health. Not only is this important to their overall well-being, but it will allow them to keep doing the things they love.


Millennials want to be better at managing their time. They believe that both their professional and personal lives are critical to overall happiness, so it's really important for them to find a way to devote the right amount of time to each without sacrificing.


Tech is integrated into almost every aspect of Millennials' lives. It is an incredible tool for communication, a valuable resource for knowledge, and they couldn't live without it when it comes to accomplishing the things they need to do. Although they are dependent on it, they try not to rely on it too much because it can quickly become overwhelming, distracting, and even a little scary.

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How did we learn all this?

Our process in a nutshell: Plan, Listen & Learn, Understand, Share.

We plan.

Once we decided that we needed to research the Millennial Generation, we ran with it. We spent more than a month planning the best way to get Millennials to open up about their dreams, fears, and what really makes them tick.

We listen and learn.

Using our Prime.Dream.Create process, we developed an interactive toolkit of activities that allowed a select group of Millennials to go on a journey of self discovery. We were lucky enough to go with them, listen to their story, and document it so we could share it with the world.

We understand.

With all the data in hand, we spent months analyzing it to find the key patterns, and then we used our Insight Translation process to create a clear, cohesive story that the world can get their heads and hands around.

We Share.

As the final step in our process, we crafted a book that visually and verbally tells the Millennials story: how they see themselves, how the world can begin to see them in a new light, and what this extraordinary generation might have in store for us in the future. 

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