The Human Experience Firm.

We were born from a passion to understand how the things we “make” affect how we work, live, and play.

We’ve fueled award-winning brand innovation and data driven design across automotive, health care, consumer goods, retail and financial services industries.

That’s why we call ourselves the Human Experience Firm.

All of the work we do at Lextant draws from a shared set of principles:



We have a refined methodology for capturing desired experiences where we believe the most actionable and enduring opportunities are to be found.



We think in terms of complete experiences — what is happening or needs to happen in terms of its emotional impact? And what is it about the product or service experience that is causing that emotional state?



We rely on a repeatable/pattern-based approach to manage bias in the process of capturing and analyzing data. These safeguards ensure that findings remain valid and reliable across teams and engagements.



Our co-creation methods and deliverables use images as a catalyst for engaging participants and inspiring them to more vividly and effectively describe existing or desired experiences.



We insist on concrete deliverables that translate our findings and recommendations into straightforward guidelines that teams will immediately understand how to use.



We welcome the chance to work with our clients’ teams at every step. Our process starts with your business and learning objectives, and then builds methodologies that ensure the needs of all your stakeholders are met.



Years in business


of cars launched in North America have Lextant insights inside


Amazing clients


team chris rockwell

Chris Rockwell

Founder and President

team spencer murrell

Spencer Murrell

VP, Insight Translation

team marty gage

Marty Gage

VP, Design Research

people mark palmer new 2

Mark Palmer


people sheila zwelling

Sheila Zwelling

VP, Design Research

people craig kavicky

Craig Kavicky

VP, Client Services


people jd johnson 1

J.D. Johnson

Director of Accounts

people laura blankemeyer

Laura Blankemeyer

Director, Finance

people susie kloeb

Susie Kloeb

Director, Lextant:Labs

people collin simula new

Collin Simula

Director, Design

people liz pruitanian 1

Liz Pruttianan

Director, Human-Centered Design

people kim oyer 1

Kim Oyer

Associate Director, Operations

people ashley coffey 1

Ashley Coffey

Senior Finance Coordinator

people pily tamara new

Pily Tamara

Director, Insight Translation

people steve mauger new

Steven Mauger

Associate Director, Technology


Vida Law

Director, User Experience Design

lisa headshot bw crop 2022

Lisa Calvert

Director, Insight Translation

people zoey ryu 1

Zoey Ryu

Director, Human-Centered Design

people timmy kusnierek 1

Tim Kusnierek

Associate Director, Design Research

people wyatt mcmanus new

Wyatt McManus

Associate Director, Human-Centered Design

people blake oates 1

Blake Oates

Associate Director, Design Research

people jared bowdish

Jared Bowdish

Senior Associate, Design Research

victoria website headshot

Victoria Schloenbach

Associate, Design Research

people lindsay courtney

Lindsay Courtney

Senior Associate, Design Research

people madeline niichel 1

Madeline Reagan

Associate, Human-Centered Design

ashleyritt website headshot

Ashley Rott-nettleton

Senior Research Recruit Coordinator

people emily stollar

Emily Stollar

Senior Project Manager

people susan booher

Susan Booher

Associate, Design Research

people hagar baruch 1

Hagar Baruch

Senior Associate, Design Research

maggie headshot 2022 website

Maggie Scott

Associate, Human-Centered Design

amber website headshot

Amber Bowman

Associate, Design Research

cat turner

Cat Turner

Associate, Human-Centered Design

people jesse chiu

Jesse Chiu

Associate, Human-Centered Design

people ella kurutz

Ella Kurutz

Associate, Design Research

people allison ramsey

Allison Ramsey

Research Assistant

people lauren flum

Lauren Flum

Research Assistant

people trent morr

Trent Morr

Research Assistant

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