Advancing User Experience Research Education

Lextant is committed to empowering the next generation of user experience researchers through educational resources and mentorships. That’s why our team consistently collaborates with the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) on a curated course, textbook and certification in Design Research and Insight Translation crafted by Lextant. At the forefront of this initiative are Spencer Murrell, vice president of insight translation, and Marty Gage, vice president of design research. This partnership has culminated in the development of a required  course, representing a significant milestone in the evolution of design education.

Central to the certification are the six key principles described in the textbook co-authored by Spencer and Marty, titled “User Experience Research: Discover What Customers Really Want.” This scholarly work serves as a compendium, encapsulating a 30-year partnership between an industrial designer and a human factors psychologist devoted to getting the first step in the design thinking process right every time. It stands as a cornerstone in disseminating Lextant’s proprietary methodologies, philosophies, case studies, practical applications and proven market success when the principles are applied.

Recently, Spencer and Marty undertook their annual workshop with the professors who will teach Lextant’s course in 2024. This annual training serves as a nexus where industry expertise converges with academic pursuits. The primary objective is to equip SCAD professors with the latest insights, ensuring that the UX curriculum remains at the forefront of industry trends.

Their immersive training delves into the nuances of UX research and design, offering professors a firsthand understanding of Lextant’s proprietary methodologies. This synergy between industry practitioners and academic mentors creates a dynamic learning environment, fostering a bridge between theoretical concepts and practical application.

As the design landscape evolves, Spencer and Marty’s commitment to SCAD persists, marking a dedication to continuous improvement. The annual rendezvous not only fortifies the course content but also fosters a community of educators well-versed in the ever-changing dynamics of UX.

This sustained collaboration is not merely an academic exercise; it reverberates in the professional trajectories of students. Spencer and Marty’s annual visit to SCAD is a catalyst, propelling the next wave of UX researchers into a realm where academic excellence seamlessly intersects with real-world proficiency. The impact extends beyond the walls of SCAD, as graduates armed with a Lextant certification emerge as adept practitioners, poised to make significant contributions to the dynamic field of UX research and design.

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