Inspiring Innovative Oral Care Experiences


Procter & Gamble


Inspired the development of three mega-brands.

“Lextant defined and understood the characteristics that were needed to bring the desired consumer experience to life. They partnered in a unique and collaborative process that will inspire every aspect of our oral care business for the next 10 to 20 years.”

Linda Odioso
Principal Scientist, P&G


In the competitive oral care industry, Crest needed to understand consumers’ ideal oral care experiences and preferences in order to deliver new products and solutions to meet consumer needs.


Lextant was instrumental in identifying new global market segments to expand Crest’s brand presence. Insights were translated into specific benefits and features that would appeal to each of the different consumer segments. These insights were specific and actionable enough to be immediately integrated into the Crest Oral Care brand development process.


  • The work inspired the development of Crest’s three mega-properties: Pro-Health, Complete, and 3D White, which was the largest selling US toothpaste in 2017.