From Farm to Global Table

Case New Holland (CNH) identified a need to redesign the control displays for their agricultural Precision Farming and Guidance products, as well as the current Machine Controls.

Through home visits, Lextant executed qualitative research to discover and identify end users’ needs, wants, desires, and aspirations with regard to the two displays. These insights were used to inform the redesign of the displays.

The design concept was actualized so that usability testing could be conducted to validated the final design.

Designing Elegant Technology to Improve the Driving Experience


Automotive infotainment systems can transform the driver experience. Chrysler wanted to design an interior that created the ideal interface, melding entertainment, safety and connectivity.


Lextant conducted usability studies to identify designs that reduce driver distraction and improve intuitiveness, ease of use, and the overall driver experience.


  • Lextant delivered insights that answered critical design questions, highlighted potential problems, and identified opportunities for an improved driver experience.
  • Resulting new designs were evaluated by thousands of drivers, giving Chrysler the confidence to introduce the new driver interface.
  • Lextant helped Chrysler transform the driving experience with Uconnect®.
  • The resulting market success and rapidly improving JD Power scores have catapulted the automaker to a leading position in auto infotainment.