Consumers Are Ready For Research, Provided They Feel Protected

To help our clients continue to gain user insights, Lextant has conducted participation surveys in two phases with a sample from our Columbus area participant pool to understand consumer willingness to participate in research, current wellness measures to protect against COVID-19, and ways to conduct in-person lab interviews during the pandemic.

Download the complete report:  In-Person Research During COVID-19

Research Scenarios

We queried participants about four potential research scenarios in the first phase:  Remote, Contactless-Drive Through, Contactless-Built Up Cockpit (BUC), and In-Person.  In the second phase, we added the additional In-Person research scenarios incorporating PPE and social distancing.

Findings By Scenario

The results from both phases of research indicate that in-person research is viable.  Findings indicate near-future, in-person research set-ups:

  • will require PPE, sanitizing procedures, and distancing to ensure successful recruiting, especially if recruit criteria is restrictive.
  • may need extra time, incentives, or precautions to successfully recruit participants

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How Comfortable Are Potential Participants?

Participants who are willing to participate in testing are largely comfortable with the idea of participating. However, despite that willingness, some still would be uncomfortable, primarily with in-person participation. A focus on implementing their desired preventative measures could potentially mitigate their discomfort with participating in different types of studies at this time.

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Desired Preventative Measures

Research participants want to make sure they are protecting themselves from others and the environment when going to a facility for contactless or in-person testing. In both surveys, respondents selected these protection methods most frequently:

  • hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes
  • requiring masks be worn by everyone
  • minimizing interactions with the research team
  • screening the research team for potential illness
  • taking participant temperatures prior to the interview to screen for potential illness

Download the complete report:  In-Person Research During COVID-19

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