Turning Customer Expectations into Inspired Design




Inspired the launch of Kohler’s new Tailored Vanity Collection as well as new lighting and mirror lines, which delivered 1100% above forecast


Kohler’s goal was to broaden their understanding of how their products fit into the overall bathroom self-care experience and to identify design opportunities.


Lextant performed in-depth home interviews to identify grooming, styling, and personal-care preferences for Kohler’s target customer. Lextant gained key information about consumers’ grooming processes, their desired emotional experience, and barriers to the ideal experience.


  • These consumer preferences translated to insight about consumers’ overall feeling of well-being, which helped Kohler define the ideal personal care experience.
  • Lextant’s insights led Kohler to develop a customizable vanity solution in which no detail is overlooked, creating a truly individual grooming and personal care experience.
  • Lextant insights also inspired the launch of new lighting and mirror lines which delivered 1100% above forecast.