Don’t Let Today’s Circumstances Slow You Down

Since our beginning over 20 years ago, we have pioneered innovative approaches to conduct global, remote user research to model, define, and measure desired experiences. Today, we can stream that research directly to you wherever you are.

MobileMoments web

Our Mobile Moments™ process allows people to capture and journal their experiences over time giving you the definitive moments in their lives and the context in which these moments happen. It’s a great approach for use cases and jobs to be done.

PrimeDreamCreate web

Prime. Dream. Create.™ is our proprietary Qualtrics module that uses projective techniques understand desired experiences and co-create the ideal future solution.

Lextant GlobalStream web 3

Remote Insight Translation™ workshops leverage online tools such as Stormboard and Mural to align dispersed teams around what people want and how they want it delivered.


Our Global Stream™ technology uses a multiplex video capture (multiple camera views) of interactions with your product or service concepts and streams these directly to you in real time.

Lextant’s patented Experience Metrics™ process features forward thinking methods and protocols that help brands measure what matters most to customers.  Concrete results provide a secret weapon for companies to get ahead and stay ahead.

Lextant DriveThroughTesting web 3

Our Drive-Through Testing™ collects customers’ experiences with products or services from the safety of their own vehicle.

We know that while the circumstances may have changed, your goals to deliver better customer experiences to market have not. Lextant is at the ready to help you make smart choices, sharpen decisions, and eliminate guesswork so you can move forward faster.

If you’re looking for new ways to keep your business moving right now or are just interested in learning more about remote experience-driven design approaches, we want to hear from you.

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