Rapid. Confident. Results.

Fueling leaner than lean design and confident decision-making through Experience Metrics.

95% of today’s product launches fail. Getting the consumer experience right is key to staying relevant. What if you could rapidly and reliably measure and predict how your next product innovation will perform in market? Lextant’s Experience Metrics gives clients a lean, effective and turnkey way to measure, track and transform the brand experience.

Using Experience Metrics, brands can:

  • Evaluate Current Products/Services
  • Test new concepts, iterate and improve
  • Rapidly identify white space and innovation opportunities
  • Drive focus on the attributes that are proven to drive consumer delight.

Experience Metrics is grounded in Lextant’s 20+ years of advanced research, design and behavioral science methodologies.  The Experience Metrics framework and digital Dashboard allows clients to reliably understand and predict how well a product or service will perform in market empowering them to innovate with speed, precision and confidence.