Experience Metrics: Rapid. Confident. Results.

Understand what people want and how to deliver it.

95% of today’s product launches fail. Getting the consumer experience right is key to staying relevant. What if you could rapidly and reliably measure and predict how your next product innovation will perform in market? Experience Metrics is the first patented experience measurement solution. It offers a Lean, actionable and highly effective way to transform the user experience.

Using Experience Metrics, businesses can:

  • Benchmark the category to identify white space opportunities
  • Get tangible guidance on how to increase consumer benefit and value
  • Focus all functions on the things that are proven to matter most

The result: less cost, speed to market, faster decision-making, increased confidence and market success.

Experience Metrics is grounded in 20+ years of experience innovation research and pragmatically integrate behavioral science, design research as well as principles of user experience design.  It starts with a deep understanding of the desired user experience and clarity on the most important attributes required to deliver it.  Each of these attributes are tested, measured and validated with the results brought to life in an interactive digital dashboard.

Experience Metrics has been successfully proven out with clients in the retail, automotive and consumer electronics industries.