Helping New Consumers Make Healthy Choices





Growth in all Healthy Choice segments, fueled by Lextant's insights.


Conagra saw an opportunity to attract a new generation of consumers to their Healthy Choice brand.  They reached out to Lextant to redefine and gain concrete tips on how to make the Healthy Choice brand relevant to new consumers and how to expand consumption occasions.


Lextant used customer segmentation data to define an ideal healthy food experience and identify opportunities for the Healthy Choice brand to expand meals to include new recipes and different times of day. Additionally, the data helped determine factors to increase brand appeal among the hard-to-reach millennials demographic.


  • Lextant research helped Conagra develop new lines and recipes, including the nutrient dense, protein-packed Power Bowls and breakfast options.
  • Insights from Lextant consumer information resulted in a 30% growth in all Healthy Choice segments.
  • New recipes and positioning helped drive an 18% increase in usage by millennials—a group that typically rejects frozen foods and is traditionally hard to reach.

Lextant is proud to help Conagra drive innovation through the lens of the consumer. To learn more about Conagra’s innovation approach, click here.