How Will the Autonomous Interior Interact with Humans?

Autonomous interiors will interact with humans in a variety of ways.

The interior will engage the driver with accessible interfaces.  It will connect to technology that has limitless potential beyond the vehicle but is natural and intuitive.

It will make the occupants feel in control by providing choices, foreshadowing the moves the vehicle is about to make or informing him or her about upcoming dangers or changes in the route.

It will promote productivity —driving to the next event on the calendar, saving time by picking the passenger up and making sure that essential items are not forgotten.

And it will interact with the driver to ensure focus on critical information.

Part of being smart will involve predictive technologies. For example, the autonomous interior will adapt the lighting, temperature levels and music genres based on what you are doing at any point in time. Or it could remind you to take an umbrella because it knows it is likely to rain.

The goal is to do this all in a way that makes the driver feel relaxed.

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