Lextant Interview Series

The focus on connected solutions accelerates as organizations worldwide awaken to an increasing customer demand for enhanced product and service experiences delivered through digital brand touchpoints.


How do we humanize these experiences?  How do we build trust, confidence, and lifelong customer relationships through digital moments?  And, most importantly, how do we build organizations capable of sustained experience-centered practice and delivery?

Lextant’s Experience Design Leaders series engages with groundbreaking individuals to understand what it takes to build customer-led organizations.  In these hour-long dialogues, we’ll discuss the new challenges in delivering digital customer experiences and how these innovative leaders overcome them:   How to gain management trust and buy-in to user-centered approaches.   How to align and shift company culture and impact decision-making.  How to mature the people, processes, and technologies for a scalable design capability.

Chris Rockwell, Lextant’s founder, will be your host for this series.

Join us Wednesday, May 12 at 11:00 a.m. EST for a conversation with Heidi Munc, Vice President of User Experience & Human-Centered Practices at Nationwide Insurance.

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