Creating An Award-Winning Luxury HMI Experience


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Lextant partnered with a leading luxury automobile brand to build a strategic framework for HMI design innovation that would be relevant and meaningful to luxury car buyers and  to deepen its understanding of the ideal luxury HMI experience with the goal of elevating and optimizing the interface design – ultimately transforming the driving experience.


Unlocking the Desired Luxury HMI Experience.

Lextant was challenged to establish and prioritize the drivers of value  and to uncover how an ideal Luxury HMI should look, act and feel, to give the brand clear and specific direction on the design details that would matter most to target buyers and to align internal teams around the consumer definition of value to speed up the development process.

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Understanding and measuring value.

Lextant deployed in-depth interviews in which visual and verbal triggers were used to create personalized illustrations of the ideal information and controls experience luxury consumers would want to see in the future, and synthesized the results to create a model of key drivers of the Luxury HMI experience.

With the highly-valued dimensions of the ideal Luxury HMI experience revealed and given dimension and texture, Lextant activated its proprietary Experience Metrics system to:

  • Evaluate and quantifiably measure how well current and prototype HMI designs were performing against the ideal and against the competition.
  • Identify and prioritize the specific experience design opportunities that would move the needle towards delivering the ideal.


Award-winning Results and Market Relevance

Lextant’s Ideal Luxury HMI Experience Model and Experience Metrics analysis provided the brand’s designers and engineers with a clear, concrete vision to elevate its HMI design.  The result has been an award-winning HMI experience forward-focused consumer insights that are guiding iterative work, bringing focus to its teams, speeding development and maximizing its research investment.

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