Designing the Next-Generation Performance HMI

Client HONDA


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Beginning with the 2018 Acura RDX and based on the Precision Cockpit concept, Honda introduced a new infotainment system—the TrueTouchpad interface—featuring a console touchpad with one-to-one mapping to the center screen. Honda wanted to understand and validate the usability of this new input device, as well as to design an all-new HMI for the RDX—that would ultimately be implemented across the entire Acura line.


A new input.

Because of its unique one-to-one mapping, the new TrueTouchpad input feels more like a touchscreen than a typical vehicle touch or trackpad. Honda needed to understand the usability of this input, as well as design a system optimized for the interaction model and see it through to production. Another challenge was safety—with a new interaction model, Honda wanted to be sure that the system would reduce the potential for driver distraction.

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A partner, not just a vendor.

Lextant was involved in every phase of the research and design of the system. From early usability testing on the input as well as main use-cases, to understanding the user-desired visual direction, all the way through to developing guidelines, assets, and specifications—Lextant led and integrated the cross-functional teams such as engineering, styling, developers, and other external vendors involved in bringing the work to life.


“It raises the bar for the industry.”

Consistently praised in reviews as intuitive, easy-to-use, and cutting edge, the TrueTouchpad interface was recognized by WardsAuto as one of the “10 Best UX” for 2018. Since the launch in 2018, Honda has also seen record sales of the Acura RDX.

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