Experience Metrics™

Measuring what really matters.

Understanding what people want from an experience—and how to fulfill that desire—is a critical pursuit for brands who aspire to create more compelling experiences. Experience Metrics is a patented experience measurement solution that equips brands to efficiently characterize what matters most to consumers about a product or service, measure the performance of new concepts or current and competitive offerings against that ideal, and then focus resources on transformative new experiences.

Forward-thinking processesfor refining existing and defining future experiences.

Experience Metrics frees teams to see beyond the limitations by the category and design instead toward a desired ideal. And because an ideal persists, they can pursue their experiential goals iteratively and year-over-year, moving beyond incremental growth and toward disruptive change.

Concrete resources that translate ideal experiences into actionable details.

Experience Metrics resources capture ideal experiences in concrete visual and verbal tools so that extended teams can evaluate and prioritize user experience specifics against a single, unifying model. Measurable details become manageable details, minimizing guesswork.

Proven protocols that bring confidence to customer experience initiatives.

Experience Metrics reduces the risk of NPD initiatives, sharpen decisions about how to refresh existing offers, and provide a nuanced way to understand competitive offers. More importantly, it has the power to identify the whitespaces where emergent needs may reveal game-changing opportunities.


Align teams

around a single holistic goal so they can move further faster.


Eliminate guesswork

by employing valid, reliable and replicable methods.


Focus initiatives

against a measurable and constant ideal.


Win the market

via continuous KPI improvements and disruptive change.

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