Defining “Quiet Luxury”:

Lincoln’s Award-Winning HMI Experience

Client Lincoln

Project Ideal Luxury HMI Experience

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Lextant partnered with Lincoln to build a strategic framework for HMI design innovation that would be relevant and meaningful to luxury car buyers. This framework deepens our understanding of the ideal luxury HMI experience with the goal of elevating and optimizing the interface design, ultimately transforming the driving experience and ushering in an era of “quiet luxury” for the Lincoln brand.

01 The Challenge

Defining the next generation of luxury.

When Lincoln found its luxury segment sales softening, it embarked on a mission to create a more distinctive value proposition for Lincoln in the luxury space. How might its approach to the delivery of a luxury experience help the Lincoln brand stand out and gain an edge?

Lextant was challenged to establish and prioritize the drivers of value and to uncover how an ideal luxury HMI should look, act and feel. This approach gave Lincoln a clear and specific direction on the design details that would matter most to target buyers, aligning internal teams around the consumer definition of value to speed up the development process.

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02 The Response

Understanding and measuring value.

Lextant conducted in-depth co-creation interviews with consumers to understand their future vision of an ideal information and controls experience. The results were synthesized to create a model of the key drivers of the Luxury HMI experience.

Lincoln became a vanguard user of Experience Metrics™ (EM), a patented experience measurement solution developed by Lextant to help brands characterize what matters most to consumers about a product or service, evaluate new offers against that ideal and focus resources on transformative new experiences.

03 The Impact

Aligned teams and award-winning results.

The Lincoln “Ideal Luxury HMI Experience” model has proven transformational, inspiring the design of the award-winning 2019 Lincoln Navigator & Continental models. Consumers have also responded: all four Lincoln SUV and crossover models posted double-digit gains in the first quarter of 2019

Lextant provided the brand’s designers and engineers with a clear, concrete vision to elevate Lincoln’s HMI design. The result has been an award-winning HMI experience of forward-focused consumer insights that are guiding iterative work, bringing focus to its teams, speeding development and maximizing its research investment.
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“Most people think a button is just a button, that a speaker is just a speaker, or that the journey can’t be the destination. Most people haven’t driven a Lincoln.”

— Lincoln Motor Company

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