Revolutionizing Electric Trucks:

Inside the Design Research
Journey of RAM’s 1500 REV

Client RAM

Project 1500 REV Electric Truck

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Lextant is proud to have played a pivotal role in shaping the innovative design of RAM’s groundbreaking electric truck, the 1500 REV, poised for launch by the end of 2024. Our research-driven approach uncovered key insights that informed the development of transformative features addressing critical needs and desires of consumers.

01 The Challenge

Standing out in a new market.

One of the challenges we faced was the need to differentiate RAM’s electric truck offering from those of its competitors. Recognizing this, we embarked on a journey to identify key areas of opportunity where RAM could make a meaningful impact. One revelation we encountered was the potential of reconfigurability and modularity in enhancing the truck’s appeal to consumers. By designing a truck that seamlessly adapts to various lifestyles and use cases, RAM could effectively broaden its appeal beyond traditional EV enthusiasts to cater to the diverse needs of truck owners as a whole.

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02 The Response

Defining the ideal truck owner experience.

Ultimately, the most valuable lesson we learned throughout this process was the importance of understanding the holistic needs and preferences of consumers. By approaching the project with a comprehensive understanding of truck owners’ lifestyles and expectations, RAM was able to create an electric truck that not only meets the demands of the EV market but also resonates with truck enthusiasts on a deeper level.

03 The Impact

A “monumental milestone” for the RAM brand.

While the RAM 1500 REV has yet to hit the market, it has already garnered significant attention and acclaim within the automotive industry, underscoring its potential for success in meeting the needs of customers and reshaping the landscape of electric vehicles (EVs).

A notable testament to the truck’s promise comes from Mike Koval Jr., CEO of the RAM brand at Stellantis, who describes the RAM 1500 REV as a “monumental milestone” in the journey toward offering top-tier electrified solutions. His statement underscores the truck’s capabilities in areas crucial to customers, including range, towing capacity, payload and charge time. The early reception and media coverage of the RAM 1500 REV offer compelling evidence of its potential for success and its role in driving progress toward a more sustainable and technologically advanced automotive future.

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