Unlocking a Transformative Digital Asset Experience

Client BAKKT


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Bakkt was in development of a groundbreaking system to allow consumers to aggregate, convert, manage and make payments with their digital assets all in one app.  They needed to understand the emotional drives that would create consumer trust in the platform that would ultimately drive use and adoption.  And, they needed to complete the process in a matter of weeks.


Discovering trust in digital assets.

The Bakkt team partnered with Lextant to uncover the emotional drivers and primary use cases that would drive consumer participation in the Bakkt ecosystem and, ultimately, the mainstream acceptance of digital assets including cryptocurrency – including the ideal discovery, acquisition and onboarding experiences for each target consumer segment.

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Co-creating the digital wallet.

Lextant began by defining the desired consumer experience for current cryptocurrency consumers and early adopters of electronic assets/digital wallets to create a model for the Ideal Digital Asset Management Experience.

From there, Lextant and Bakkt launched into a Rapid Iterative Test Evaluation sprint to co-create a design platform to deliver that experience testing iterative prototypes with consumers within a two-week period.


Ongoing impact and competitive advantage.

The Bakkt app is a game-changing digital wallet experience – allowing consumers to aggregate and manage gift cards, rewards and loyalty points and to convert crypto assets into cash to spend or send as digital payments.  The app design is fulfilling the expectations of early adopters and creating trust and ease of entry for consumers new to digital assets.

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