Reimagining a Classic Brand





Reduced time to market for new products.


As part of the enterprise wide modernization of Conagra brands, Lextant helped Marie Callender’s understand the desired brand experience and what was needed to cater to a new generation of busy consumers with limited time to spend in the kitchen.


Lextant identified desired consumer experiences and helped shift Marie Callender’s brand focus to a “comfort on call” concept that balances today’s fast pace with a desire to enjoy a comforting meal. Lextant focused the brand on its new target segments and developed specific sensory cues for brand expression.


  • The brand transformed to deliver on the consumer interest in classic meals with a modern twist.
  • A diverse team all aligned on the new brand concept and on the specific, features and sensory cues that would bring it to life.
  • With a clear brand vision in place, design and research investments decreased by 60%.