Streaming – See Your Research In Action

Have you been limited in your ability to watch a study because of location or time? What if you want to monitor people when they use an interface while driving a car? If you cannot do that inside a focus group facility, does that mean you cannot watch your study first hand?

Steve Mauger, Lextant’s resident AV guru, created a mobile streaming device, allowing clients to participate in studies when they are unable to be onsite.

The cellular bonding mobile streaming unit is small and portable, even if its name is not. The unit allows Lextant to stream video from the back of a motorcycle, during an in-home interview, or virtually anywhere!

Mobile streaming utilizes multiple cellular carriers to transmit video from anywhere a cell signal exists.   Mobile and lab based streaming technology works by sending a video signal to the Ustream CDN. Ustream then compresses and distributes the video.  Ustream is secure and password protected, ensuring client privacy.

The mobile streaming unit allows Lextant to engage with clients during the fielding process.  Lextant’s best work comes from studies where clients are actively involved in the research. Clients provide real time feedback resulting in insights tailored to their needs.

To find out more about how Lextant can use streaming to improve your next research study, call us at 614-228-9711 or send an email to Lextant – the human experience firm. 

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