The Ideal Insurance Experience

Defining The Customer Journey Through User-Driven Research

For over 20 years, Lextant has ensured adoption and use of insurance products and services.

Lextant is an experience-centered research and design partner to some of the world’s leading insurance brands. Our customer-led innovation techniques directly connect consumer behaviors and desires to product and service design for customer experiences that stay ahead of the competition. 

Our team of 50 behavioral researchers and experience designers have created some of the now standard user-centric methodologies and tools. We continue to originate new methods for ethnographic and behavioral research, multi-sensory desired experience research, and Experience Metrics™ for continuous improvement and competitive evaluation.

Lextant’s pioneering work in designing for Trust, Confidence, and Ease of Use has led to unparalleled advances in connected digital ecosystems. Our multitude of patented tools and techniques help brands to deliver highly usable and desirable solutions through customer journey mapping, personas, and desired experience frameworks.



Knowing more about who you’re designing for brings clarity and alignment. Lextant’s persona development allows us to establish empathy and get to know the consumer, making them a part of the development process. Personas create awareness of factors (e.g., existing attitudes and beliefs) that influence design, development, and messaging. Teams who use personas throughout the process have a clear target from the start and can determine which ideas should move forward based on the consumers’ requirements or desires.
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Journey Maps

Lextant’s unique approach to Customer Journey Mapping seeks to not only understand the current steps, behaviors and painpoints experienced by your customer, but also to identify desired experiences and new touchpoints. Lextant uses a combination of self-documentation, desired experience exercises, and observational research to get the most out of Customer Journey Mapping. These techniques provide the most complete end-to-end map of current and desired customer experiences to guide planning and decision making. These maps create an experiential profile revealing emotions, breakdowns, desires, and key criteria for future experience design for every touchpoint of the brand and every core function of the business from marketing and sales to customer support.

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Experience Frameworks

Lextant has pioneered new techniques to discover and design for emotion. Going beyond traditional research techniques to understand the experiences people are having today, these co-creation techniques unlock customer value to fuel innovation for a more ideal future. These consumer-derived Desired Experience Frameworks connect emotions with specific product and service design decisions to ensure solutions are usable, useful, and desirable.
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Inspiring big ideas and meaningful innovation.

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