Trusting Autonomous Technology

How do you learn to trust a machine?  With autonomous cars being tested all over the United States, automotive manufacturers are trying to figure out what it will take to get people to feel comfortable in and around cars that aren’t being driven by a person.

“People will forgive other humans much more quickly then they will technologies when they fail” Chris Rockwell, said to the New Yorker. This makes the stakes much bigger, because only a few incidents could result in life-long distrust of autonomous vehicles.

The way each manufacturer is dealing with these issues is different.  Some are trying to patent new technologies that will protect people from further injury if they are struck by an autonomous car, others are equipping the outside of cars with lights that can “communicate” to pedestrians.

The read more about how car makers are trying to gain the public’s trust when it comes to self-driving vehicles, click here.

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