Using Technology to Engage Millennials

After conducting our millennials research, you could say Rockwell is a bit of an expert on the subject.  Rockwell used this expertise to talk to Beauty Packaging about using technology to engage with millennials, specifically in regards to CPG brands.  He suggests five main ways to increase engagement.

First, extend your story.  According to Rockwell, millennials “purchase with purpose.”  What values does your product reflect? Second, fuel millennials’ self-reliance.  Uniqueness is important to millennials.  Do you offer a way to customize your product?  Third, amplify impact.  Millennials want to feel like they are making a difference.  They want the products they buy to somehow make the world a better place.  Fourth, help them reach their goals.  Millennials are extremely goal oriented, so products that help them reach goals will sell.  Last, help them connect.  Create ways that people who use your product can engage with others.

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