UX will Determine the Future of Tablets

These days, tablet computers are designed to be a larger versions of smartphones.  However, sales and overall usage are on the decline. Lextant’s Dushyant Shrikhande, a member of the Human Centered Design team, suggests a new way of thinking of tablet computers, using the table form factor as one of the devices in an ubiquitous computing environment. 

“Remember when tablets were heralded as the ultimate post-PC era mobile device? The rise of the iPad about six years ago brought with it a wave of anticipation for when we could ditch archaic desktop and laptop computers. Six years on and now we have analysts all over the world saying that the tablet is dead. Sales are on the decline, smartphones tend to have more screen real estate and are the preferred device for most multimedia needs, and laptop-tablet hybrids have now become the apple of everyone’s eye, no pun intended.

While many people have written their eulogies for the tablet, and many analysts have pontificated about how to bring tablets ‘back,’ I think that the way to really make tablets great again, is to make them invisible.”

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Dushyant Shrikhande is a part of the Human Centered Design team at Lextant, a global user experience consultancy in Columbus, OH.  Lextant believes companies should constantly be striving to create easier, better products.  To learn more about how Lextant can help you get closer to your customers to understand current and desired experiences, call us at 614-228-9711 or send an email to info@lextant.com. Lextant – the human experience firm. 

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