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50% of mobility experiences launched in North America have Lextant insights inside.

Focus Areas

For 25 years, Lextant has been at the forefront of mobility, from vehicles to the evolution of the V2X ecosystem. As communities have become more connected, Lextant has defined smart experiences for drivers, passengers and pedestrians alike. As multi-modality takes new forms, Lextant is there to define the experiences people want with the technologies that help them arrive on time, informed, and safely.

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At Lextant, we prioritize understanding and addressing the unique needs, experiences and preferences of users at every stage of mobility solution development. Our pursuit involves unraveling and solving mobility-related challenges to ensure the value and intuitiveness of our products and services.

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Lextant stays ahead by envisioning the future of mobility. Investing in forward-thinking research that explores emerging technologies (such as AI, autonomous vehicles or sustainable energy) and their integration into mobility solutions, anticipating and shaping industry trends.

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Lextant fosters partnerships and collaboration within the mobility ecosystem. Engaging with stakeholders across industries, including automotive, tech, urban planning and sustainability sectors, to leverage collective knowledge and drive comprehensive, innovative solutions.

Thought Leadership in Mobility

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Our Work Speaks for Itself

Our Approach

Lextant offers a comprehensive suite of user experience research and design solutions for mobility clients.


At Lextant, research forms the bedrock of our human-centric approach to innovation in mobility. We understand that comprehensive research is essential for grasping the intricate needs, behaviors, and aspirations of users in their current experiences. Our research methodology is both generative and evaluative, employing diverse techniques such as ethnographic studies, user interviews, data analytics, and usability testing. By delving into the daily lives of users, we extract invaluable insights that shape every phase of our product and service development. 

Recognizing the fluid nature of mobility, we stay ahead by exploring emerging technologies and trends that define future experiences. Whether it’s AI, autonomous vehicles, or sustainable energy solutions, we remain at the forefront, anticipating shifts and seizing new opportunities. Moreover, our commitment to research extends beyond conventional boundaries. We actively collaborate with industry partners, academic institutions, and thought leaders to foster knowledge exchange and drive impactful change in the mobility ecosystem. In essence, research is ingrained in our mindset at Lextant. It ignites our innovation, informs strategic decisions, and empowers us to craft user-centered solutions that redefine the future of mobility.

Learn more about our approach here. 

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Design strategy plays a pivotal role in shaping the future of mobility. Our approach focuses on orchestrating design efforts to transform deep insights from research into actionable plans that seamlessly align with our clients’ visions for future mobility solutions. Our strategy emphasizes identifying core values that resonate with users and stakeholders alike. Each design decision is meticulously crafted to contribute to desired outcomes while embracing the forefront of technological advancements and user expectations.

We believe that design strategy goes beyond aesthetics—it’s about creating immersive and purposeful experiences that anticipate and meet the evolving needs of future mobility users. We empower our clients to stand out in the competitive marketplace by delivering experiences that not only captivate users but also drive tangible business results. Our holistic approach to design strategy enables us to pioneer the future of mobility, setting new standards for innovation and user-centric excellence.


Design for mobility transcends mere functionality; it embodies the fusion of innovation and user-centricity. At Lextant, we believe that effective design in mobility should seamlessly integrate cutting-edge technology with intuitive user experiences, catering to the diverse needs and preferences of passengers and drivers alike. Our approach encompasses initial concepting through asset production, emphasizing solutions that optimize efficiency, safety, and emotional resonance throughout the mobility journey. From vehicle interiors to digital interfaces, every touchpoint is meticulously crafted to redefine the way people interact with transportation, fostering a future where mobility is not just a means of getting from A to B, but an enriching experience in itself.

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Lextant Labs

Lextant’s Mobility Labs provide the ideal setting for in-vehicle testing, offering the highest caliber of user experience research.

Our Process

  • Step 1

    Define Value

    This step is about discovering what people really want. Defining what people value allows you to design something with the potential to deliver a truly meaningful experience. 

    Define Value
  • Step 2

    Drive Alignment

    First everyone on the team, and all stakeholders, must agree upon what people want. Once this agreement is achieved, they must decide and agree upon what to make. This is the problem your design will work to solve for the user. This is often referred to as a design brief. 

    Drive Alignment
  • Step 3

    Focus Creativity

    You know the experiences that people are seeking. You know what features you need to deliver. If your research was actionable, your ideas should flow. 

    Focus Creativity
  • Step 4

    Prototype Experiences

    You want to embody your idea in a way that clearly communicates to people the experience your design will deliver. 

    Prototype Experiences
  • Step 5

    Measure Value

    You need to assess how well your design will deliver the experience people are seeking. 

    Measure Value

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